Debra is a licensed, board certified acupuncturist who earned a M.S. in Oriental Medicine in 2007.  Debra’s philosophy is that being healthy is a science; so she blends the physiology of the body (the western medicine perspective), and the safe healing techniques of Chinese Medicine (the eastern perspective) into a unique style of care that has produced outstanding results for the majority of her clients.

Debra also has over 20 years experience as a personal trainer.  Her objective is to tailor a plan that fits your goals and budget.  Whether that includes 1-3 sessions a week or just periodic sessions to have her tailor a work out for you to do on your own, learn how to take control of your body and how it can be utilized to its ultimate potential!  Her methods are based on experience, facts and practice; not fads!

As a training client of Debra’s you will also have access to nutritional counseling at no extra charge.  Learn how to use nutrition to achieve your goals faster, and understand how food can change everything from body composition to mental health. As an additional service she administers B12 shots (for $20), which can help boost immunity and metabolism, fights fatigue, aids in weight loss, alleviates depression or stress, and improves memory.

Whether it is through acupuncture/Chinese Medicine, personal training, nutrition, or some combination of the above, Debra will not be satisfied until you are healthy and happy!  Contact Debra Ruka directly at 720-209-2984 to schedule your free consultation and to change your life!